- Manage your cases
- Manage your clients
- Manage your finances

Manage your cases, clients, files and finances with one convenient and easy to use application.

Our Customer Relationship Management software for Attorneys allows you and your team of lawyers to communicate with your clients, schedule appointments, view and update events, manage cases, pull up records and documents, edit information, manage finances and stay completely updated, all in a secure environment protected by passwords. Your clients will also have the ability to view their individual case file and communicate with you through the use of a unique username and password. You control what your clients have access to.

Manage your cases

Set cases and court dates, exchange files with your clients, set email reminders and assign lawyers that are working on their cases...

Manage your clients

Without installing any application clients will be able to collaborate with you and get updates on cases and provide necessary info or documents...

Manage your finances

Simple to use financial section will allow you to track clients due and send them reminders about ammount of money that is due.

Application features

Our attorney CRM software will help you to organize your cases, clients and finances...
Attorneys can:

Manage casess and events

Manage clients

Manage employees and track time

Manage and share documents

Manage finances

Authorized clients can:

View and post files/comments on tickets they are assigned to

Edit account details

View events and calendar

Track progress of their case

Pull up records and documents

View balance owed and/or community service hours to be completed

Set up Application

and manage you cases and clients today

Web Application Installation

Web Application Installation

No need to download or install Client Management Application. Upon signup you will have instant access and you will be able to bring your business to the next level.

Manage Cases and Events

Manage Cases and Events

For each case you can assign events, lawyers and clients. Events have automatic email reminders for both sides and it’s possible to attach additional comments for each event.

Manage Clients

Manage Clients

You can add unlimited number of clients with their info. Each client will have access to their case so they can check events, download/upload files and collaborate with you or your employees.

Manage Employees

Manage Employees

You can allow access to your employees or contractors. They can be assigned to multiple cases and communicate with client directly.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Each lawyer will be able to easily track time she spent on a case. Application reports will summarize spend time based on selected filters.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Upon each important action like adding a client, event or case creation, posting comments or file uploads email notifications will be sent to clients and lawyers connected to that case or action.



Powerfull search with autocompletion will allow you to search through cases, events and users.

Application Hosting

Application Hosting

Application will be set instantly on our server and you will not have to worry about hosting or applications installation.



Client Management Application Demo

Bellow you will find demo for lawyers application. You can login as Head Lawyer or Client.


You can manage client's accounts, add new attorney, create cases and manage balance.

Application demo link
Username: admin@admin.com
Password: admin


You can check yor cases and events, add comments or upload your documentation.

Application demo link
Username: client@client.com
Password: client